Various Writings

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Here’s the list: Ruth Commentary, John Commentary, Passover Haggadah Leaders Guide, Run Camp Curriculum, Quiet Time Idea Journal, Holy Lands Trip Journal Entries, 7 CHeckpoints Devotionals, Seed Planting for Parents


john commentary



Quiet Time Journal

holy lands

7 Checkpoints Devotionals



















Retreat Journals

These are journals I wrote for my students to use during different retreats throughout my years in youth ministry. Some are filled with devotionals and others have some sort of over-arching theme depending on what we were trying to accomplish during our retreat.


Big Brother Precepts

Believe Retreat

alien retreat

You Are I Am Journal

Survivor Treemail Journal

Serve Mission Trip Journal

Risk Retreat Journal

PJP Aquatics Journal

Moses Devotionals

Meridian Creation Retreat Journal

Loser Journal

JC Journal

Fixed Retreat Journal

Dive In Retreat





























Small Group Articles

I wrote a few articles for an small group ministry resource website. Here are some of my articles:

Small Group Articles


What Should We Study 14.13 KB 71 downloads


Leadership is Service 14.69 KB 71 downloads


Connecting as a Group 25.05 KB 77 downloads


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