Back from the Future

Yes, I went back in time last night. (or at least it seemed like it.) Miranda and I had driven to Nacogdoches for a wedding (congrats Deana!) where we stayed in a very nice old hotel called Hotel Fredonia. Our…

Kasen Videos

Just thought I’d post a few videos we filmed over the past few weeks. They’re all really short, but capture some fun moments. Kasen’s “Bite” from Steve Corn on Vimeo. Kasen’s First Bowling Experience from Steve Corn on Vimeo. Trying…

Kasen had some Fun

Classic stuff!! Daddy was feeding Kesleigh and Kasen thought he’d go have a little fun of his own. Kasen Toilet Paper from Steve Corn on Vimeo.

Lean on Me

I just thought this was a cool video – definitely worth sharing. It’s from and was filmed all over the world!! Playing For Change | Song Around The World “Stand By Me” from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

“Black Button”

Here’s a video I found today. It’s pretty good. Not very Biblical or anything, but it’ll make you think. Reminds me of “The Matrix” red pill or blue pill scene in some ways.

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