Kasen had some Fun

Classic stuff!! Daddy was feeding Kesleigh and Kasen thought he’d go have a little fun of his own.

Kasen Toilet Paper from Steve Corn on Vimeo.

9 thoughts on “Kasen had some Fun

  1. Mindy Standlee

    Oh yes, that’s one of Landon’s favorite things to do!! It’s hard not to laugh! 🙂

  2. Steve Corn

    daddy had them both by himself and was feeding Kesleigh while it happened – had pulled the bathroom door shut, but evidently, it didn’t latch and he was able to just push it open.

  3. Jeanie Beylund

    just checked out this video, Kasen looks like he doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry…brings back memories. How can you get mad when kids are so darn funny and entertaining!

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