Carry Your Cross Cartoon

This is a fun little cartoon that I received as an e-mail. It’s taken a few years to figure it out, but I finally know who the author is:

Dong Haeng –

Luke 9:23; Matthew 16:24; and Mark 8:34 all tell of Jesus’ call for us to deny ourselves, carry our crosses, and follow Him. It’s too bad we want our crosses to be “light.” Matt Redman wrote a song (Way of the Cross on the album The Friendship and the Fear) with a lyric that says, “I’ve crafted myself a more comfortable cross.” Anyway, this cartoon reminded me of all of this stuff.

Just click the first pic and then you’ll be able to click through the rest with the arrows.

10 thoughts on “Carry Your Cross Cartoon

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  3. Cassie

    would you mind sending this to my email address? I’d like to print it and send it to my husband who could use the reminder sometimes in something simple to understand when he feels like giving up. Thank you!

    1. Steve Corn Post author

      I like the alternate ending as well. In many ways it represents the gospel better but it also trashes the integrity of the original message – that the cross we carry daily is not supposed to be easy. It’s absolutely true that our efforts won’t save us though! Only the power of Jesus and His effort on the cross can do that!

  4. Kurt Angersbach Conway SC

    Steve , I believe you posted this cartoon sequence, it reminds me of what I just went through in our church. I found myself involved in making all of our video presentation and almost gave up for the lack of help I was getting. Then I saw this. Ironically the theme of our Lenten devotions is “Facing the cross”, this is soooooo fitting. I don’t know if you have any copyrights to this because I like to use it in our next Sundays service. This is one of the best illustration I have seen in a long time. Like to hear from you, Kurt.

    1. Steve Corn Post author

      Kurt, I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. For some reason, I never got a notification of your original comment. I’m glad the cartoon was so “fitting.” Unfortunately, I don’t have any copyrights – I first found the cartoon in an email that I received many years ago and tried tracking it down, but I wasn’t able to find anything. If you find out, please let me know so I can give the proper credit.

        1. Steve Corn Post author

          Wow!! Thanks! I’ve had this posted for a few years, but couldn’t ever track down its origin. Looks like he’s got lots of other stuff I need to check out as well.

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